Annie Bloom

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Anni Bloom, lead Animas Valley guide


Salt Lake City, UT
United States

Annie Bloom has been guiding with Animas Valley Institute for 17 years. Her gift is to break open our wild hearts to the numinous beauty we each carry in the fertile seed of our souls. Her passion lies in mirroring our individual and collective destinies as held in the luminous stories brought back from solo time on the land. In her Salt Lake community, Annie gently and fiercely supports people in their awakening and individuation through her 28-year practice in BodySoulWork, wilderness pilgrimages, and ceremonial leadership. She has been in deep communion with and apprenticeship to bison since she was 18 and first encountered them while working on a ranch in Wyoming -- their presence constellating the ever-unfolding mystery lying at the center of her being and informing the deepest expression of her guiding.

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