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  • Nevada City, CA, US

    The Expanding Light Retreat

    Ananda’s Spiritual Retreat for Meditation, Yoga, and Health

    A Place of Inner Transformation

    We invite you to come for a relaxing personal retreat, attend a program, or transform your life through a professional training.  We offer more than 120 programs in stress management, health & diet, meditation, yoga, and more.  We can customize programs for your group’s needs (see Group Retreats below).

  • Edmonton, CA

    Sherry has been owner of Awaken Your Spirit Healing Services for over four years. Her own awakening began over 15 years ago. Her path has taken her to many places both internally and externally - opening up an insiatiable thirst to continue to deepen connection with the Divine mysteries of life. Her journeys have taken her to many places around the world learning from different spiritual teachers, as well as, observing the work of many profound trance medium healers. Her area of specialization is Core and Cellular Transformational Healing (CCTH).

  • Lakeside, MT, US

    Welcome Home To Deep Bay Center

    Offering a Retreat Facility For Everyone

    Deep Bay Center includes four beautiful timber frame homes on eleven acres with gorgeous views of Flathead Lake and the Mission Mountains.

  • Diksha McCord
    Nevada City, CA, US

    One of our most popular teachers for the last eight years, Diksha McCord is a minister, counselor, Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainer, Level 2 Hatha Yoga teacher, Raja Yoga teacher and co-director of the Meditation Teacher Training program. Diksha, a native Israeli who came to the U.S. in 1990, is a powerful and dynamic woman who has shared yoga postures and yogic teachings across the United States, in Canada and Europe.

  • Nevada City, CA, US

    Gyandev McCord is a minister, Level 2 Hatha Yoga teacher, Raja Yoga teacher and the Director of the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training programs and Ananda Yoga Worldwide.

    He has helped develop and refine the Ananda Yoga system and has shared it across the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe and India. Gyandev is also a founding board member of Yoga Alliance, the non-profit organization that has developed standards for yoga teachers nationally.

  • Savitri Simpson - Expanding Light Retreat
    Nevada City, CA, US

    A 28-year resident of the spiritual community of Ananda, Nevada City, CA, Savitri is a Minister, Counselor, Raja Yoga Teacher and the Co-Director of the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training program. Among Ananda's most popular teachers, Savitri has taught at the Expanding Light and several of Ananda's branch communities since she came to Ananda. Prior to becoming Co-Director of the Meditation Teacher Training program, Savitri was the Director of the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training program.

  • Hawley, MA, US

    Situated atop a high meadow in rural northwest Massachusetts, our facility provides a spectacular wild setting for a multitude of experiences, including cross-country skiing, retreats, workshops, reunions, and

  • Clinton, WA, US

    Aldermarsh embraces evolution, and experiments with this constancy of change in our inextricable unity with All That Is. We live in a collective generative community, holding space for self-exploration and understanding.

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