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  • Teasdale, UT, US

    Integral Recovery® is a bold and totally new approach to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction. We say “totally new” not because it breaks with other approaches past or present, but because it unites—or integrates—them, preserving what is best of existing modalities, while negating their weaknesses.

  • Scott is simplifying and demystifying the message of enlightenment or "non-duality" and helping to bring it to the West.  He is reaching out to all people who are suffering or seeking or cannot seem to find fulfillment in this life no matter where they go or what they do.  He is communicating to them that freedom is available and that it is actually contained in their very presence, yet it is overlooked.  The benefits of recognizing presence are living with a mind that is at peace, a heart full of love and compassion for others, and the end

  • Seminyak, BA, ID

    Sober Haven Bali is a boutique holiday experience on the magical island of Bali created especially for travelers participating in 12 step programs and dedicated to sober living.

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