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What is the next Step

I have to tell you about my little journey, literally, that I have been on these last 3 weeks. I will tell you that my efforts and intentions are coming from the deepest part of my heart and spirit. As I began this journey March 15th I was reminded by my bestes friend that it's the journey not the destination. So having an intention, a desire without expectations has brought to me some really amazing experiences these last 3 weeks. Always confirming me on my path of exploration, joy and laughter.....of course all these things not without challenge, sweat, exhaustion, and a little stress. Read more »


Traveling is so Rewarding

Once we have experienced the joy of experiencing anything but our own environment we are used to from day to day, surrounded by new people, new ideas, new ways of living, new food, different climates….there is something exhilarating about this. We are given the chance to experience the world the way we know it in a completely different way. Read more »

Sonoran Desert

A Grand Adventure

By the grace of what life presents us we are always given multiple choices. It is any given one of them that lays out the pathway on which we walk. At each moment we are given another chance to experience greatness and see the amazing person that we really are. At each turn in the fork we are once again given this choice. This means we are the ones responsible for our actions, for everything good or not that happens to us. This can be hard to swallow at times. It makes me think about Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction. Read more »

Infinite Possibilities
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