Welcome to my Dream....

My vision for creating our Health and Wellness retreat center, Lotus Oasis, came from my experiences that were not fun. Several Aha moments finally helped me to figure out that no matter what I do with my life, as well as my daily life, it has to be FUN! This of course did not happen overnight. Like most of us we are plagued with a job we don't like, or a job that's too stressful, or a job that does not make ends meet.....are you one of those people?!!!!
When I finally made that shift many things changed and the underlying current of what changed is that now everything I do is fun. Work, Play, Community, Physical Labor, Challenges......are all fun!
This is not to say that I won't sweat bullets at times, or be frustrated, or be emotionally taxed.....but I keep experiencing the fun of life, exuberance, anticipation, free spirited-ness and joy!
As long as you long to strive toward that which brings you joy and FUN you will only succeed.
Do you want to experience this? If the answer is YES come to one of our amazing transformational retreats....if the answer is NO, continue doing what you are doing.

feel exuberance
feel the joy
feel the peace
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