We Are The Moving Universe

Expansion and contraction is the motion of the universe, the ebb and flow, the in breath and out breath. How can the ocean be alive without the waves? How can the river run without its motion up and around rocks, down into valleys....it’s all the river, it’s all the flow. The mind wants to stop life in the place we are comfortable with, the place we feel safe, and freeze it there. But Life, if it is to be lived, is constantly moving. If we are able to move with it, we are fully engaged, fully alive. If we stay in the 'freeze frame' of our comfort zone, holding on for dear life, the waves will seem stronger and stronger — simply because we have become stagnant in a moving Universe — and we will wonder why we are ‘pushed’ ‘hurt’ ‘discombobulated’ ‘foiled’ again and again.

It is not anything outside, but our own resistance that creates disharmony, pain, lack. When we can finally let go of the 'freeze frame', we experience a release into more energy, more joy, more of who we really are — a vital, dynamic being. Letting go of our picture of how we thought life 'should be' does not leave us without or diminished, it leaves us MORE. It leaves us inside a movement in which there is continual and endless possibility.

In Lomi Lomi Nui and Hawaiian Wisdom Trainings we watch our perceived limitations, unconscious fears, blocks and patterning fall away — not through doctrine, or any mental process — but by accessing the body's innate intelligence directly. As the physical, mental, emotional and energetic fields of the body/mind change, everything around us begins to respond in kind, and Life becomes a continual opening into the flow of All That Is. Because of this opening, anyone we touch — both in the bodywork and in life — then has an opportunity to move more fully into their authentic being, alive with the movement of the Universe.

—'Lomi News From Jody', © Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork

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