Traveling is so Rewarding

Once we have experienced the joy of experiencing anything but our own environment we are used to from day to day, surrounded by new people, new ideas, new ways of living, new food, different climates….there is something exhilarating about this. We are given the chance to experience the world the way we know it in a completely different way. It opens us to seeing things from another perspective, another set of ideas about the world, another set of status quo behaviors, rules, habits of that group of people….some make sense and others have no bearing on anything important….but that just the way it is.

Going into unfamiliar territory is an exhilarating experience. The uncertainty of what you might find puts you in this state of wide openness and receptivity. This allows you to be this sponge to totally take in everything you encounter…..So what is it that you get out of traveling to new places? What do you hope to encounter or experience…Being in Papua New Guinea is probably one of my most exciting ones….(more next week)

Sonoran Desert
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