This is a Holy Moment

The Sacred Kabbalah speaks of our spiritual striving for 'equivalence of form' with our Creator. Indian mythology tells of Bhrama hiding man's divinity 'deep in the center of his own being'. Throughout the ages, spiritual seekers have sought this Divine Presence on many paths.

Many of us have felt this Presence of Love awakening in transcendental moments — perhaps moved by the magnificence of nature, looking in to the eyes of a loved one or in deep meditation. In those not-so-ideal moments, however, when someone cuts us off in traffic, when our relationships fail, or when we fall seriously ill or injured, it can be more difficulty to feel our connection with Source.

The difficulty comes when we separate ourselves from any experience. Becoming one with the despair, anger and discomfort dissolves an inner struggle with ourselves — that we are somehow not where we 'should' be. Bringing our acceptance fully to the present allows the moment to expand.

Without resistance, we can allow all dimensions of ourselves to awaken and find that our response to the difficulties might change. Spirit is not an attachment to ourselves which is sometimes activated and sometimes not. It lives through us and is never absent.

If we let it, this Highest part of ourselves can be expressed in every moment — through the laughter, the pain, the peace and the agony. Accepting the moment that Life presents to us right now, while opening up to the awareness of the Divine Presence is our work. Even in the midst of our greatest challenge, this too, is a Holy Moment.

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