Being Vulnerable and strong at the same time...

In the very beginning of our existence here on this earth we are taught very early on the rules and regulations about living on this planet from the people around us. And we really believe them, we believe that what they are saying might as well be written in stone. As we evolve, grow up, experience life, notice our own internal pulsation things start to change. We question least that is what people like me do. Just because someone said something doesn't mean that it's so. So how do we discover what resonates with our own inner pulsation, what makes sense to me. If you are open minded you can be ok with all belief systems but have a tendency to sway more towards one then the other. Open minded also means that just because it hasn't come into my experience that it doesn't exist. My gut tells me what feels good what is true for me. This perhaps might not make sense to everyone which is just as amazingly ok. Most important, live your own truth.

I have to say that all of these things were going through my mind because of an amazing teacher I had, Dr. David Simon. A few weeks ago he decided (at least his inner self) that it was time to leave this planet. This brought up another one of those things we are taught growing up....death. No one wants to talk about it, everyone fears it, everyone wants to deny the inevitable. The sweet sweetness about all this, it's just an illusion....Deepak reminds me regularly in my, but he does. We change bodies like we change clothes, we can never not exist, but we have forgotten because past generations have forgotten. We have forgotten to life what dreams are made of. David is reminding me to live to the fullest before the next adventure begins...perhaps in another body :) Thank you dear David.

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