tortoise or hair...

"It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.” — Wisdom of Confucius

The fable of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind here…let me make myself an example: i move and think with awareness, so at times, i can appear to be slow. my grandmother would always encourage me by saying “slow but steady; that is how you will have success.” she was right.

At times we may wish that our success was quicker, but wishing does not get us closer to our desires. the steady drip of water wears even the hardest rock over time. consider allowing the process to unfold. Read more »

Zen Photography Retreats


Inspiration is a different thing. Through inspiration you start on the journey, not on any effort of copying. You move on your own path. Inspiration is just a challenge. A thirst arises, and then you move. Tantra says, ‘Be inspired, but don’t become imitators.’ Always remember that you are your own goal.” Osho

“Tantra” is akin to principles or ethics based upon Divine Universal principles.

Zen Photography Workshops | Retreats | Expeditions was created with the intention to inspire, guide and inform people who love photography, no matter what the skill level. Read more »


We Are The Moving Universe

Expansion and contraction is the motion of the universe, the ebb and flow, the in breath and out breath. How can the ocean be alive without the waves? How can the river run without its motion up and around rocks, down into’s all the river, it’s all the flow. The mind wants to stop life in the place we are comfortable with, the place we feel safe, and freeze it there. But Life, if it is to be lived, is constantly moving. If we are able to move with it, we are fully engaged, fully alive. Read more »

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