About Us

Welcome to Still Mountain: A Guide to Retreats. Still Mountain is a website committed to providing resources and guidance for people seeking spiritual retreats—helping individuals, adolescents, couples, and families find the retreat, workshop, or healing modality that best meets their needs. We offer a wide range of resources about retreat centers, journeys, pilgrimages, workshops and professionals, to meet the growing need for stillness, healing and transformation in our world.

We are no longer actively keeping up this website, so please forgive any out-dated listings. If you know someone who would be interested in managing or buying this website - please forward inquiries on our contact form. 

Our offerings range from traditional monasteries to modern sacred pilgrimages, wilderness journeys to wellness retreats. We believe the global situation, as well as our own inner worlds, are in need of healing, balance and true inspiration. We have come to understand that this level of inner work is often best done during transformative retreats.

Our website is a personal offering from our heart as a service to our global community. We hope Still Mountain: A Guide to Retreats, will make it easier for those who seek spiritual fulfillment to find the right support and guidance, enabling them to lead more satisfying and authentic lives.

While we have done our best to provide information about retreats, retreat leaders, and healing modalities of quality, we also have included a review section to allow the community to offer useful feedback. This will help the discerning process of selecting the "right" retreat, workshop, guide or program that best meets your needs. To help our site be truly useful and current, please register on our website and add your own comments and reviews about retreats you have participated in. Also, if you know of quality retreat centers, teachers or programs that are not listed, please let us know because it is our intention to be as comprehensive and global as possible. We will offer information on any retreat centers we discover, providing a website link and basic address information. For those organizations choosing to list their centers with us, full page descriptions, including video & pictures are presented as well.

Note: While we have made every effort to insure the retreats we list offer quality centers/leaders, we are not responsible for your experience. Do your research well. Ask to communicate with past participants. Please report any programs/leaders that demonstrate poor quality or a lack of integrity.

Gregory Martin, MA

Gregory holds bachelors degrees in comparative religion, cultural anthropology and mythology, and a masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. He has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1996, trained with School of Lost Borders and Animas Valley Institute in guiding vision quests and rites of passage. Gregory has been a wilderness guide/therapist since 1993, and most recently worked with young adults undergoing therapeutic rites of passage through Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, a holistic wilderness therapy program. Gregory has been providing therapy and inner guidance work for individuals, couples and families since 1998. Gregory has participated in and benefited from many retreats over the last 18 years, and so with his passion and desire to help others has joined together with Pam to create a supportive retreat guide for those on the spiritual journey.

Pam Parsons Dupuy, MA, LMFT

Pam holds an MA in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. The focus of her spiritual journey has been to explore the mystical path, as expressed both spontaneously and through the world wisdom traditions. Along the way she has studied Sufism, Prayer of the Heart, world kirtan, various meditation practices, Subud and participated in many retreats, including a month long silent retreat at a Benedictine monastery. Pam has held a weekly meditation group for over ten years as a support for herself and her community’s spiritual growth. Currently, Pam is mastering Drupal (website platform) and web-based marketing to support Still Mountain's web presence, as well as working as a private practice psychotherapist; she also assists her husband, John Dupuy, with Integral Recovery, an innovative approach to recovery from addictions and depression. Pam’s passion for retreats, silence and being asked by friends for advice about retreats has led to the desire to create a comprehensive, user friendly site for those seeking retreat experiences.

"I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart." Hosea 2:16