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Two Harbors, MN
United States

Soltreks offers intimate guided journeys into self discovery. Soltreks mission is to guide individuals and families toward reclaiming their personal power while discovering their true potential through customized and individualized wilderness programs. Many programs are wilderness based; some programs include retreats and home visits that do not involve camping. Soltreks promotes and honors personal awareness and growth, enhances and supports health and wellness, and practices strategies to restore relationships and balance in life. Read more »

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I have to tell you about my little journey, literally, that I have been on these last 3 weeks. I will tell you that my efforts and intentions are coming from the deepest part of my heart and spirit. As I began this journey March 15th I was reminded by my bestes friend that it's the journey not the destination. So having an intention, a desire without expectations has brought to me some really amazing experiences these last 3 weeks. Always confirming me on my path of exploration, joy and laughter.....of course all these things not without challenge, sweat, exhaustion, and a little stress. Read more »

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